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Why Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Are Worth the Extra Cost

If you are renovating your kitchen, you may be wondering if solid wood kitchen cabinets are worth the extra cost. While framed cabinets do cost more, there are many benefits to choosing them, including durability, sturdiness, and aesthetics. You may want to read more for more information. This article will give you some tips on why solid wood kitchen cabinets are worth the extra cost. After all, these elements add value to your home.

Frameless cabinets cost more

In general, frameless solid wood kitchen cabinets cost more than their framed counterparts. These cabinets do not feature a face frame to reinforce the sidewalls, and they have a more modern, sleek look. They are more expensive than economy cabinets, but they are worth the extra expense if you want a modern, contemporary look. You can also find a variety of door styles with frameless cabinets, including a traditional paneled or full overlay style.

The design and style of your cabinets will determine how much you spend. You can go for a rustic or an elegant look. Typically, the more elaborate and detailed the design, the higher the price. A standard raised-panel door will be cheaper than a mitered or framed door, which will have an ornate design. You can also go with a slab door if you are on a budget.


When choosing kitchen cabinets, the durability of the material should be considered. Solid wood is stronger and more durable than plywood. Plywood is a composite material made by gluing thin wood sheets together. This material is much thinner than solid wood, so it is easier to tear and break. Solid wood is a single piece of wood, so its strength of it depends on the glue. However, plywood is relatively inexpensive compared to solid wood. The good thing is that you can find good cabinet makers who can work around defects.

The other main advantage of solid wood kitchen cabinets is their durability. They will last for years, if not decades. Moreover, high-quality woods will add to the strength of your cabinets. As a result, you can be sure that the kitchen cabinets you purchase will last for a long time. There are many types of wood for kitchen cabinets. For instance, a solid wood cabinet made of maple may have varying bird’s eye dots. In addition, maple wood may have curling grain. Aside from being affordable, maple wood is also durable and suited for modern and rustic kitchens. Moreover, oak wood is light, durable, and easy to maintain.

Structural integrity

The structural integrity of solid wood kitchen cabinets is an important factor to consider in selecting a cabinet. While particle board is made from wood particles, it can degrade more quickly than other wood options. It also has poor damage resistance, and its veneers are susceptible to peeling as the board swells. Furthermore, particle boards can be more susceptible to surface damage than solid wood. On the other hand, solid wood kitchen cabinets are made of real wood, which is sourced from a tree.

Solid wood kitchen cabinets must meet rigid standards to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. Exposure to heavy moisture or water is a primary threat to cabinet doors. Doors must be operable. Hinges must fit securely and without visible signs of damage. Other specifications must be met. Exposed construction joints must fit tightly, and the finish should meet strict standards to ensure durability and aesthetics. The following are the steps taken to ensure the structural integrity of solid wood kitchen cabinets.


Solid wood kitchen cabinets are more durable and last for decades, making them an excellent investment for your home. Compared to other types of cabinets, they do not wear out easily and can be stained and painted to match the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. This type of cabinetry also gives you the option of customizing the color and shape, which makes it ideal for those who love the look of nature. Besides being durable, solid wood also allows you to customize the shape of the cabinets according to your needs.

When choosing solid wood cabinets, you should pay attention to the grain of the wood. Hardwood tends to have different colors and grains. While some wood cabinets remain the same for their lifetime, others tend to change with age. Choosing the right grain can make a huge difference in the overall look of your kitchen. For example, cherry wood cabinets develop darker grain over time, adding to the traditional feel of your kitchen.

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